Refund & Return Policy

Incorrect or Faulty products

we will allow you to return , replacement or refund if you receive incorrect or faulty product in any condition .

Refund , Return and change to order

We offer a full refund or reshipment of the products you have ordered. If your order does not arrive within 28-30 working days, please contact us. If your order is not live or untrackable for any reason, or if it is damaged in transit, we will mail you another box or issue you a refund as requested. If an item or goods are returned to us owing to noncompliance with your country’s import laws and customs restrictions, we will give a full refund. All transactions, from making an order to having it delivered to your door, take between 20 and 30 days.


Note this will reship or refund any orders that are lost. If there is a delay in receiving the order, please notify our customer service within one week of the day it is dispatched to the customer.  As soon as the order is reported as lost, a refund or reshipment is issued. Any report submitted within one week of the deadline will not be accepted or returned.



We are based offshore in India, and your local Customs treat your order as imported goods. Your order will go through Customs; there might be a delay while they process your order for customs formalities. We suggest you that always allow extra time and order ahead, so during this phase you are not inconvenienced. This delay can be just a few days to 3 weeks in extreme cases before they contact you.


Need help?

Contact us at {} for questions related to refunds and returns.


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