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“Ivrea cream” is a topical product that likely contains the active ingredient “Ivermectin.” This cream formulation suggests that it is intended to be applied to the skin. Ivermectin is a medication commonly used to treat certain parasitic infections in humans and animals.

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What is Ivrea cream ?

Ivrea cream ( soolantra cream ) is a facial acne treatment which is a prescription cream

It contain active agent named ivermectin.

It is used to treat inflammatory lesions which is caused by rosacea and is also FDA – approved.


What is Rosacea ?

Rosacea is nothing but the chronic skin issue that happens to be targeting on your face.

The most target part of your face will be your cheeks, nose, forehead or maybe other areas sometimes as well.

It includes bumps on your face, skin marks and access amount of pimples on your face.

This occurs when the facial skin gets in contact with parasites that cause rosacea.

This issue goes on getting worse if not treated properly. It goes on occurring for a particular period of time like some weeks or months.


Symptoms of Rosacea are as follows :

  1. Burning sensation on skin
  2. Visible broken blood vessels on skin
  3. Scaly skin with dry and roughness
  4. Sensitive skin having stinging experience
  5. Redness and flushing at the particular area of the face that has been targeted by the parasites.


How Iverea cream ( soolantra cream ) stop Rosacea :

Ivrea is an Antiparasitic that helps to kill the parasites causing this skin issue.

Ivrea cream ( Soolantra cream ) treats rosacea by reducing inflammation and the number of mites on the skin that can worsen rosacea symptoms.

It contains ivermectin, which kills these mites called Demodex, leading to improved skin redness, bumps, and overall rosacea symptoms.

Use this cream under guidance of your dermatologist .


How to use Ivrea cream?

  • Ivrea cream is a prescription cream hence it should be used according to your doctors advice
  • Always remember before you start your face treatment, make sure you wash your face thoroughly and properly with lukewarm or mild water properly .
  • This will help to remove the dirt and impurities from your facial skin so that skin pores can absorb your skin treatment ingredients.
  • Then dry your face with a clean towel .
  • don’t go on scrubbing or rubbing your face as it will create redness on your skin .
  • Take pea sized Ivrea cream on your clean finger and apply it on your affected area of your face .
  • You can use this cream once in a day or as per your doctors prescription.

Important :

Just remember while applying this cream make sure it does not get in a contact with your eyes or lips or it should not enter in your mouth. If it happens so, then rinse your eyes and mouth immediately.


Precutions while using Ivrea  ( soolantra cream )

  • Explain your doctor about your skin condition, skin type .
  • If any how cream goes into your Eyes or mouth then immediately rinse it with water .
  • If you find any burning or etching on your skin contact your doctor to guide .


What are the side effects of Ivrea cream?

Although it is considered to be a good medicine to help in giving you relief from rosacea issue, but we should also understand some side effects that it can cause on some people if come into contact.

Side effects of Ivrea cream are :

  1. Trouble in breathing
  2. Rashes on skin
  3. Burning or itching sensation on skin
  4. Burning and itching under eyes
  5. Swelling in under eyes or area around eyes.
  6. Excessive tearing
  7. Drying of skin
  8. Paining in eyes
  9. Swelling on face
  10. Dizziness

If you feel any of the above symptoms of side effect and you feel its getting worse then immediately look for a doctor without wasting time .


Where can we purchase soolantra cream?

You can purchase Ivrea cream from a normal generic medical or also you can put your prescription on a relevant medical website and you can order online from

our store


What chemical composition does Ivrea have?

Ivrea cream has ivermectin which helps in solving this property.


What does Ivrea do?

Ivrea cream is used to treat rosacea issue on face which gets due to some parasites present on cells.


How many days does Ivrea take to work on ones facial skin?

If a person is using it regularly in a proper manner then Ivrea cream takes almost 2 weeks to show visible results on skin.


Is Ivrea cream ( soolantra cream ) expensive?

It is moderate in range depends upon from where do you buy it.


Can you use moisturizer when you are on Ivrea medication?

Yes you can use moisturizer after face wash and once its dry you can apply this cream. Don’t write it immediately to .


How to use Ivrea cream?

Just apply Ivrea cream on the infected area of your facial skin amd let it absorb into your skin for good results.


Do we need to have prescription for purchasing Ivrea cream?

Yes, Ivrea cream is a prescription medicine, hence you need to have a proper medical prescription to purchase it online as well as on a medical store.


Is this only a facial cream?

Yes, Ivrea cream is only a facial cream that should only be used on face and the area where its infected.

you can also use ivermectin tablet to to treat Rosacea .

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